Our Approach

The Institute of Food Safety, Health, & Hygiene, Inc. has a commitment to food safety & training.  Stakeholder satisfaction that has been a part of our mission since day one.

Our Story

Cumulatively our associates represent over 35 years of industry experience with relation to food manufacturing, food quality, and food safety concerns. Our team has a diverse background of expertise and education that ranges from product research & development, process control & improvements, food quality & auditing, and finally regulatory issues in both the FDA and USDA/FSIS arenas. As such, our processes and programs have been validated and adopted with great success

Meet the Man with a Mission

Our company, as a team, strives to stand above our competition by providing our stakeholders the most recent, honest, and highest quality service with unparalleled customer service.


Ernest Black

Founder & CEO

Ernest founded the Institute of Food Safety, Health, & Hygiene, Inc. with the mission of teaching and promoting quality food safety practices nationwide, so that consumers can enjoy safe, quality products. His leadership and commitment to developing quality training programs utilizes a hands-on approach resulting in a consulting portfolio of only positive business relationships.

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