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HACCP Services

We offer a comprehensive, 2 day course in Basic HACCP principles that covers all of the 7-principles of HACCP.  This course is led on-site at the client's facility so your team can stay close to your operation.  Our training program is accredited through the International HACCP Alliance and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which is why our training program is industry leading.

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We also provide expert guidance in the assessment, development,  & implementation of HACCP plans.  Let our experts do the heavy lifting to get your Product Descriptions, Flow Charts, Hazard Analysis, CCP Pages (a.k.a. HACCP Plan), Verification Procedures, Resource Materials, & Validations professionally created and installed for your operation.

Development of Pre-requisite Programs

Not sure where to start with your food safety program?  Let our experts help you get your food safety programs built, including:

1. Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP’s)
2. Sanitation Procedures (SSOP’s)
3. Pest Control & Prevention
4. Product Recall & Traceability Programs
5. Food Security and Defense against Bioterrorism
6. Employee Training Programs
7. Environmental Testing Programs
8. Product Testing Programs
9. Business Continuity & Emergency Response Programs
10. Management Commitment, Food Safety, and Food Quality Allocation Programs
11. Standard Operational Procedures (SOP’s); as required


Safe Quality Food (SQF™) Registered Consultation Services

Our experts consult for all levels of the SQF 2000 Code Certification Audit.  We also offer customized consultation and program development services for manufacturers seeking Third Party Certification Audits for Brand Name distributors and retailers including:

    • i. Wal-Mart
    • ii. Costco
    • iii. Target
    • iv. Sysco
    • v. US Food Service


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